Nateco Foldable crate series

Basic colors green, black. Other colors are available on request
Technical details:

Type External Dimensions
(LxWxH) mm
Internal Dimensions
(LxWxH) mm
Stacking Height Folded,
Load Capacity
6422 600x400x215 573x375x205 28 1,740 44,04 20,0
6417 600x400x180 573x375x171 28 1,600 36,74 20,0
*6411 600x400x119 573x375x110 28 1,300 23,63 15,0
* coming soon
Amount of folded crates on the euro pallet (1200x800) in full truck 340 pc for all types
Basic material virgin cPP
Service temperature range -20C to +60C
Washing temperature range max 60C
Additional facts:
  • Improved design for easier and more effective washing, ventilation and drying
  • Special design of outer walls surfaces for easier sticker and dirt removing

Operational notes:
  1. Grip a handle of a long side with each hand and open them up.
  2. Pull up short sides until they lock into place.
  3. Press on the short side top corners inside-out until they firmly fixed with “click” sound.
  1. Press on the top corners of short sides from the outside until the locks are unfixed.
  2. Put the short sides on the crate bottom.
  3. Fold long sides down onto the folded short sides.
Download technical specifications